The Piedmont Plug™

Designed to help eliminate unwanted noise transfer between rooms.
Although beautiful in appearance, glass curtain wall facades are not designed to prevent noise transfer between interior spaces. Interior partition walls have been developed to be acoustically rated in order to prevent noise transfer between rooms, however there still remains the weak link when partitions terminate at exposed window mullions. The Piedmont plug now offers a simple, but effective solution.

The Piedmont Plug is an acoustic plug covered with fade reistant fabric. Prior to plug installation the installer is to fill gaps between end of wall and window mullion with acoustical sealant. The plug is to be installed with a tight fit and run the continuous full height of the mullion. Thickness of the plug may vary. All Piedmont plugs are manufactured by Ritz Interiors – Made in the USA. For more information on pricing contact by email: or by phone: 678-878-0404